Guess who’s turning up the beats and making a splash in the fancy real estate scene? It’s none other than our favorite DJ extraordinaire, David Guetta! Picture this: he’s set to snag a dazzling waterfront dreamland at 37 Indian Creek Island Drive, and the price tag? A cool $69 million – because why settle for anything less?

This mansion isn’t just a house; it’s a 16,000-square-foot party palace! We’re talking 12 bedrooms, 118 feet of jaw-dropping water frontage, and enough space to host a dance-off in every room. Currently under construction, this pad is the brainchild of a dynamic duo: Guetta and the visionary developer Todd Michael Glaser. They teamed up to transform the former digs of “Sábado Gigante” host Don Francisco into a masterpiece that’s sure to be the talk of the town.

Nestled in the exclusive Indian Creek, a secret village just north of Miami Beach, this spot isn’t your average neighborhood. We’re talking A-listers and heavy-hitters like billionaire Carl Icahn, NFL star Tom Brady, and power couple Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner calling it home. It’s basically the VIP section of Miami, and now, Guetta’s about to be the DJ of the neighborhood.

So, get ready for the ultimate waterfront soirée, Miami style, because David Guetta is about to bring the party to Indian Creek! With a mansion fit for a music mogul and neighbors that read like a who’s who of the elite, this is more than a home purchase – it’s a headline-making event. Miami, brace yourselves for the hottest address in town, because Guetta is turning up the volume, one waterfront beat at a time!