An empty plot of land in Bel-Air hills was purchased by Dr. Joseph Englanoff for $5 million in 2014. Seven years later, he built an amenity-packed megamansion on the property, and the home is now on the market for $139 million.

If he gets his price, Bel-Air would have its second-priciest home sale in history. In 2019, a $150 million record was set when Lachlan Murdoch purchased the mansion of ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ tv show fame.

With a price tag of $139 million, it’s also the third-most expensive home currently listed in Los Angeles County. The top spot is held by The One, another Bel-Air mega-mansion listed for $295 million, which is scheduled to be auctioned off if no buyer can be found. Besides investing in real estate, Englanoff is also a lender for that property, with a loan balance of about $36 million.

Features of the home include:

+ A vodka-tasting room kept at sub-zero temperatures complete with furs to warm guests.
+ A gym with a rock climbing wall.
+ A gold bathroom with a 100-square-foot shower and tub cut from a single marble stone.
+ A 6,000-square-foot nightclub wrapped in crystals.
+ A 44-foot chandelier cascading down the center of the three-story floor plan.
+ A ventilated cigar room.
+ A great room under 23-foot ceilings.
+ A swimming pool with a hydraulic-lifted movie screen and light-up swings.
+ A movie theater with Belgian leather seats.
+ A rotating car elevator.
+ A wine room with a custom glass art installation.
+ And, to watch over it all, a security command center.

There are also 12 bedrooms and 15.5 bathrooms in the house. A wraparound patio overlooks Los Angeles as well as a rooftop deck. There is also an outdoor lounge, a guest penthouse, a handful of lawns, and multiple caretaker residences on the 2-acre estate.

The listing is held by Adam Rosenfeld and Jon Grauman of the Agency.